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We do festival deco and other events from design to build.

DTouch of Terracotta had established since 1995. Initially was focus on supply of decoration props to major department stores,especially on Christmas ornaments,artifical flowers,etc.


We went into making of propsand handicraft in the year 1998 -2000.Most of the props were for Jusco for all the 7 outlets through  out Malaysia at that time,from Spring,Summer.Autumn Display to big festivals like Hari Raya,Christmas and Chinese New year.Besides we did some jobs for Sogo and KLIAtoo.


Our major client is Alamanda Shopping Mall in Putrajaya lately. We were selected to do Hari Raya,deepavali,Christmas,Chinese New Year décor for 2006 & 2007 and also CNY for 2008. We did all in 8 festivals decoration from design to build.